Thursday, January 2, 2014

Party time with Creating Wee

So in this time of new things I thought I would start another small new business. This is a craft party business. That meanings me hosting a party with crafts for birthday parties, club events, and other events. Each of the events will be costume designed by me with plenty of crafts and games.

I love challenges and can't wait to come up with crafts for more difficult themes and make each party unique. Some ideas are favorite movie or book based parties, mythical creatures, fairies, "messy parties" (message me for more info), and nature parties. Parties can include jewelry making, painting, clay activities, and just about any other craft project you can think of.

Every birthday party will include a group art piece for the birthday person and plenty of art for the attendees. I will also be glad to help create the invitations.

If you are interested in having a Creating Wee party please email me

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


So 2014 is here, and I started the year off well. I spent my day playing with clay and paint and faux flowers. One of my big goals for this coming year is to post more on my blog. I have made lots of things, I just haven't kept you apprise of them.
On the topic of goals guess which girl has decided it's time to start selling at craft fairs? This oneGuess which girl is beyond nervous? This one again. Man you have a knack for guessing. I can't wait to keep you guys up to date with all the craziness around my first fair! Now I just have to go pick some tree branches... (you will find just have to wait)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Maps on pintrest!

So, I love pintrest and I am beyond excited about the new maps feature. My first map board is on my beloved neighborhood. It is just a start but you should check it out.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

simple linear canvas

This is a simple project that will take 5 working minutes but a lot longer waiting time.

You start by painting a base color, which should be your lightest color.
After your base color dries, place painters tape on top of where you want your base color to come through.
Next, paint your next lightest color on top. Continue with these steps until you have used all of your colors!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Sunflower wreath

My three favorite things in the world are glitter, sock monkeys, and sunflowers. One day when I was wandering the isles of target I found these awesome foam sunflower cut outs and they made it home with me. My door was looking very bare so I decided to make a sunflower wreath from them.
I thought the orange and yellow centers made them look too sun like so I cut circles from a sparkly polka dot paper and glued them to the centers. Then, I just glued them in a circle and added some card board for support. Voila!

Faux taxidermy

This project started as a trip down the Michael's Christmas decor isle. They always have great laser cut ornaments there and this year they had a cool faux deer head. I fell in love with it. It was a perfect addition to our kitschy cabin feeling home. I had tons of ideas on how I wanted to decorate the deer, but I decided to go with a cool paper. Which of course led to more indecision. Once, I finally figured out which paper to use it was only a few minutes before I was done.
I simply traced the deer head on the paper and then cut it out. Then, I mod podged it on. And done!


Step 1

paper ready to be glued down!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Die-Cut canvas

So this is probably the easiest project I have made in awhile...
The die-cut canvas.

When I was going through my craft supplies I found a bunch of great glittered die-cuts that I had gathered along the way and I just knew they needed to go on my walls.
I simply started them by painting a canvas a coordinating color. Then, I placed them on the canvas and mod podged them down. Because I am in to things not being symmetric I placed them in the corners of my canvas and had to trim things off of the canvas. I went ahead and did multiple coats of mod podge to make sure they stayed on the canvas. And voila a new art piece to go on the walls!